The Team

The Bump Class was started by sisters Dr Chiara Hunt and Marina Fogle.

Dr Chiara Hunt is a GP based at the Sloane Street Surgery, Knightsbridge. She has worked on the labour ward at St Mary’s, Paddington and Chelsea and Westminster, as well as in paediatrics. She looks after a lot of young families in the central London area and maintains a keen special interest in paediatrics and women’s health. She is the mother of two young children and lives in Notting Hill.

Marina hosts the Eight Week Antenatal Course in South Kensington. She supports and gets to know the participants over eight weeks, supporting the professionals and providing the practical advice and skills honed as a mother. She has two children, Ludo and Iona, and in spite of tragedy, (her son Willem was stillborn in 2014) she has become motherhood’s biggest advocate.  As well as teaching Bump Classes, she writes regularly for various publications including The Telegraph, The Times, Baby London and Nurture Magazine about pregnancy and motherhood.  She lives with her husband, the TV presenter Ben Fogle in Notting Hill.

Lucy hosts the Eight Week Antenatal Course in Parson’s Green.  Over the eight classes, Lucy gets to know the participants, supporting the professionals and offering practical advice on day-to-day issues experienced when adjusting to motherhood.  She is also a senior Osteopath at Fulham Osteopaths and The South Kensington Club. She has a specialist interest in women’s health (antenatal and postnatal) and paediatrics and looks after many young families in South West London.  She has also spent time working at Chelsea and Westminster’s labour ward.

Once a Bump Class attendee herself, she joined The Bump Class team after having seen first hands the benefits of such a compressive course while pregnant with her son Harry. She loves yoga and as if she hasn’t already got enough strings to her bow, she is also qualified as a pregnancy yoga teacher.

Lucy Lewis

Alexandra has educated (and entertained) The Bump Class from the beginning.  She has a wealth of experience in Accident & Emergency, Paediatrics and Educational nursing. She is also an instructor on the Advanced Life Support courses (ALS, APLS, EPLS, ILS, PLS and GIC). Alexandra has worked in most major London Teaching Hospitals Emergency Departments, from the most junior nurse up the dizzying heights of management but her heart has always been in clinical work. She is currently working as an Advanced Nurse Practitioner in South London. She also works in Sports Medicine; working at RFU Twickenham, the Tough Mudder obstacle courses and was Nurse for Team England at the Commonwealth Games Gold Coast 2018.  Her keen sense of humour and presence allowing those who she trains to relax, enjoy and get the very best out of first aid training. In her down time she loves to go to the ballet (and dreams of being able to touch her toes!).

As well as teaching The Bump Class, Camilla heads up the Women’s Health team at Six Physio across London.  Having previously worked on the postnatal ward at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, she has a wealth of experience supporting and treating pregnant and postnatal women.  She has a post graduate qualification in acupuncture and has trained as an APPI Pilates Instructor.   She has taught at The Bump Class since the founding days, but in 2016 she experienced it from the other side while pregnant with her first child.  She is mother to Sam who was born in April 2016.

Camilla Lawrence Physio

Fran teaches our ‘The Next Bump Class’ alongside Johanna Bull. She is a Counselling Psychologist and has over 10 years of experience in the field. She is a therapist, trainer, researcher, lecturer, supervisor and author. She has trained and worked therapeutically using a variety of therapeutic models however she tends to draw most from Cognitive Behavioural, Compassion Focussed and Acceptance and Commitment therapy models. She is passionate about supporting parents in the adjustment to life with children and has two young children herself. Fran offers one to one and also couples’ therapy in her rooms in Harley Street and in the City and also over Skype (its not always easy to get to appointments with a baby!). Fran offers a ‘preparing for parenthood as a couple’ package to bump class attendees and their partners which includes an initial appointment before the baby arrives and a follow up between 8 and 12 weeks after the baby is here.

Geraldine is a Certified Breastfeeding Specialist who has been running a successful private practice in London since 2003.  Geraldine’s unique approach to breastfeeding focusses primarily on the practical elements of breastfeeding, enabling mums to find breastfeeding solutions, according to their unique anatomy, physiology, delivery and lifestyle choices. Her unbiased, non-judgemental approach ensures mothers find a solution which best suits them.

Geraldine’s book, Breastfeeding Made Easy, is the first full-colour, clearly illustrated, step-by-step breastfeeding book that illustrated how breastfeeding can be accessible, even easy, for all.

Geraldine Miskin

Hugh teaches our Father’s Evening classes in Parsons Green. He uses an evidence-based and holistic approach to treatment which allows him to create a considerate rapport with his patients. As a father to two young girls, he is particularly interested in child and family health. Hugh is also passionate about sports medicine and using fitness for health promotion. Hugh has several years experience as a GP, he has worked locally in South Kensington and Balham and now works at Coyne Medical based in Fulham. Outside of work, Hugh provides specialist medical support to the Irish Exiles Rugby Team and enjoys cycling and tennis.


Jo is a midwife working at Kingston Hospital. She has experience in all areas of midwifery and currently working in the community and on the hospital labour ward. She is passionate about caring for women in all birth settings as well as helping them adjust to life with a newborn once they are home. She has two young children and lives in Surrey.

Jess is a midwife currently working in the Birth Centre at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital. She has experience working in all areas of the hospital setting as well as the community. She is enthusiastic about supporting women and their families through pregnancy, childbirth and beyond with a passion for promoting a relaxed, ‘home from home’ environment during labour. Jess has had the pleasure of delivering many of her friends’ babies over the years and gave birth to a son, Otto, at the end of 2017. 

Katherine Clark is a midwife at Kings College Hospital.  She currently works in a specialist team providing antenatal, labour and postnatal care for women with medically complicated pregnancies and is undertaking research into this field.  Katherine previously worked looking after women planning a home birth and so is experienced in facilitating birth in all settings. Katherine has two young children and has herself experienced a home birth and then a hospital induction.   


Liz Noonan, Midwife

Dr Lucy is GP at Coyne Medical, private GP practice in Parsons Green. Having been at Medical School with Chiara, Lucy has worked in the labour ward and paediatric department at St. Mary’s Hospital, Paddington. In her practice she loves seeing mums and newborns, particularly those who she’s met previously on The bump Class. She has plenty of personal experience as a busy mum of two young girls and lives locally to her practice in Fulham.

Dr Lucy Hooper, GP

Miranda Sykes is a practicing midwife at The Chelsea and Westminster Hospital.  She has worked as an antenatal, postnatal, community, case-loading and labour ward midwife, and is passionate about giving women the confidence, power and knowledge to support them to have the birth that they desire.  She is passionate about her job, and last year had the pleasure of delivering one of her own godchildren!

Miranda Sykes, Midwife