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Our very first series, The Trials and Triumphs of the First Year, is now available to listen to on  iTunes and acast!


Being a parent can be lonely, exhausting and frankly bewildering.  You flip between being hopelessly in love to utterly fed up with your child on an hourly basis; you’re deliriously tired and all the while plagued with self doubt about whether you are “doing it right”.  It’s an exhausting situation and it lasts decades.

All this time you have so many questions – ones that the internet just can’t answer.  What you need is a kind professional, constantly on hand to give you sage advice, reassure and advise you, get you laughing and make you realise you are not alone.  Siri hasn’t got the solutions, but The Parent Hood has.

Seven years of providing answers for pregnant women has inspired Bump Class founders, Dr Chiara Hunt and Marina Fogle, to bring their unique blend of advice and pragmatic parenting to a podcast, available for free, any time, anywhere.

Each episode is designed to answer all the questions that the bewildered new parent might have.  Starting with “OMG I actually have a baby!” to “Riding the Emotional Rollercoaster of Parenthood” and “Why, oh why, is my baby crying?”, the podcasts will echo The Bump Class in tone; garnering the expertise of professionals to bring listeners informative and useful information presented in a way that is engaging, easy to listen and even funny.

Eventually we hope to create content that covers everything from pre-conception through to becoming a grandmother in a universally accessible and easy-to-listen-to way.

Our antenatal classes are over subscribed and our book has been translated into five different languages; we think people like what we’re saying.  We’re so excited to be able to engage with a wider audience and talk about the unique cocktail of challenges, euphoria, tedium and surprise that makes up being a parent.

We’d love to hear what you want to hear about, so please email us at [email protected] for suggestions.

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The Parent Hood is supported by advertising but is also open to partnerships with hand-picked sponsors, whose products would be of interest to the listeners.  Selecting companies whose products and services would be of genuine interest to those listening is a much more effective and productive form of advertising. 

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