I have been meaning to write to say thank you for the wonderful classes and to say how much I enjoyed it but the last few weeks just ran away with me! Every class was really useful and the handouts have been so helpful.  I am so happy I chose to do it and I have to say our gang of girls are utterly wonderful.  A huge support and great fun. We have all met up a few times and are v active on chat. Such a lovely thing to be able to share our highs and lows. A really fab group of ladies.

Lisa, mother to Charlotte, born November 2018

I am writing to thank you for making me so welcome at my first bump class yesterday evening. I thought Camilla was very engaging and relevant. I left the class feeling really supported and excited about having a baby. I can’t wait to get to know my new Bump Girl gang!

Mark and I just wanted to say a massive thank you for running such a fabulous antenatal course. I cant begin to tell you how useful the classes were and how they helped prepare us both for the arrival of baby Leo.

– Laura, baby born November 2018

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First Aid Classes

My husband, Ben, booked us into the Partners Evening session which took place last week… we very much enjoyed it. Super informative, intimate, friendly and the male GP was an absolute hoot!!!

– Jessica, Partners Evening, June 2019

I am so glad I decided to do the Bump Class and am thankful for everyone I met on the course. I learnt so many crucial factors that helped me better deal on the different phases of pregnancy and after. Also, after the Father Evening my partner completely changed his behavior, always making sure I was not doing any chores or the smallest of efforts in the house.

It is great to a have a continuous relationship with the mothers from the class as everyone is going through different things and it is great to have a support group at this phase of people that totally relate.

I loved every aspect of the course and Marina and Chiara’s sense of humor but always professional and sincere approach of the topics.

– Luena, baby born June 2019

Thank you for all your help and advice leading up to the birth of our baby girl. The caesarean was just as you described (Whilst Wham’s Last Christmas played!) and we have felt so prepared for her arrival. We regularly meet up with the other Bump Girls for coffee, yoga and baby massage classes which is great.

– Galia, baby born December 2018

I want to say thank you to all of the team that gave the classes, I learned so much and thoroughly enjoyed the course. A special thank you to Geraldine as her class on breastfeeding I feel was invaluable and has left me confident and knowledgeable, I am successfully breastfeeding hooray!

– Kerrie, baby born February 2019

I wanted to say a huge thank you to the bump team, the classes were all super helpful and relevant and definitely made me feel a lot more prepared for the arrival.

I wasn’t planning on having an epidural initially as I listened way too much to others opinions to “do it naturally “, but after the bump class on pain management I made the decision to go with an epidural and Oh My Goodness will be forever thankful, literally the best decision I could have made.

The bump class also introduced me to some wonderful mums to be, we have a hugely active WhatsApp group on the go and are helping each other through every step.

Thank you again so so much.

– Hazel, baby born April 2019

I just wanted to say thank you for such a brilliant course of classes – I am sad its all over! Every class was so informative and interesting and I have suddenly realised that my anxiety and perhaps even state of denial about impending labour and motherhood has shifted to excitement and a feeling of preparedness! So thank you SO much

– Kate, baby born July 2019

I just wanted to write and say a big thank you for the excellent course. I’ve loved all of them and found each one really interesting and, actually, really empowering. I think Lucy Lewis was a fantastic leader and really appreciated the balance between natural birth and medical intervention conversations. It was all so refreshing without making anyone feel ‘you should do that’ or ‘you should do this’ – which you hear so often in my experience in the media, family and friends.

I have already raved about the course to our midwife and will be encouraging friends to join the bump class.

Thank you again so much. I’m starting to feel nervous now, but excited!

Jess, baby born September 2019

Thank you for all the knowledge, wisdom, support and friendships you have given me. Leopold is now fourteen months old and its been a wonderful year mainly thanks to The Bump Class.

I’m expecting ‘number two’ in early December and I honestly believe I wouldn’t be having another baby so soon without the motherly confidence The Bump Class community gave me. Slightly disappointed I don’t get to do the full new mum course again!!

So thank you for helping me and so many new mums. Look forward to seeing everyone on the ‘second time mum’ course in September. I hope everyone has a wonderful summer.

– Andrea, expecting baby number 2 December 2019