I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank-you for the bump class! I had my little boy, Wilf, on Thursday last week in a reasonably complicated labour but thanks to the bump class I was super informed and able to ask questions, approach it with calm and can genuinely say my 17 hour labour was the most incredible day of life so far.

I think if I hadn’t been so informed and well prepared I might be feeling quite different right now (and the epi no saved my bacon- although I had an episiotomy to accommodate both ventouse and forceps there was nothing other than a graze so it does work!) so really thank you! 

– Fleur

I want to say thank you to all of the team that gave the classes, I learned so much and thoroughly enjoyed the course. A special thank you to Geraldine as her class on breastfeeding I feel was invaluable and has left me confident and knowledgeable, I am successfully breastfeeding hooray!

– Kerrie, baby born February 2019

Thank you so much for organising the most helpful, informative and fun/terrifying eight weeks during my pregnancy with Willa.

Marina & Chiara you were so professional, honest and incredibly open and kind, it really was the best investment and a wonderful way to spend my time. Philippa you were so ‘on it’, super organised and made the whole process super easy!

I’ve met a fab bunch of girlfriends which we try and see each week for a coffee in Peter Jones no less! My birth was not by the book, I unknowingly had strep B and Willa was born unable to breathe, so a week in NICU for her and a week on the ward for me – a little stressful but the NHS & Chelsea Westminster were faultless.

– Alice, mother to Willa, born December 2018

I wanted to drop you a note to say a huge thank you for the invaluable tips you gave me in the bump class, it prepared me so well for labour, and been so helpful following her arrival, I’ve been referring back to my notes and to my book religiously.

Ruby arrived a few days early, she’s been heaven.

Many thanks for everything, the course was brilliant.

– Lottie, mother to Ruby, born December 2018

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I wanted to say thank you to Lucy and everyone else involved for the brilliant course and to say I had a girl called Ophelia in the birth centre at C and W (in less than 5 hours!!).

I particularly wanted to say how useful I found the sessions with Miranda the midwife who explained the whole process of giving birth so well that I wasn’t scared while it was happening even though it hurt like hell! 

– Olenka, Ophelia born November 2018

I’ve been meaning to email you and thank you for such a wonderful experience at The Bump Class! I cannot begin to tell you how helpful I found it and I now feel much more confident and relaxed about giving birth. The atmosphere you create really allows everyone to ask whatever questions they feel to and it is very special to have such a lovely group of girls who all understand and are going through the same thing. I didn’t appreciate, before the classes, how many amazing experts we would get to meet and I think that was particularly valuable.

Christiana, baby due December 2018

I have been meaning to write to say thank you for the wonderful classes and to say how much I enjoyed it but the last few weeks just ran away with me! Every class was really useful and the handouts have been so helpful.  I am so happy I chose to do it and I have to say our gang of girls are utterly wonderful.  A huge support and great fun. We have all met up a few times and are v active on chat. Such a lovely thing to be able to share our highs and lows. A really fab group of ladies.

Lisa, mother to Charlotte, born November 2018

I am writing to thank you for making me so welcome at my first bump class yesterday evening. I thought Camilla was very engaging and relevant. I left the class feeling really supported and excited about having a baby. I can’t wait to get to know my new Bump Girl gang!

Mark and I just wanted to say a massive thank you for running such a fabulous antenatal course. I cant begin to tell you how useful the classes were and how they helped prepare us both for the arrival of baby Leo.

– Laura, baby due November 2018

Mark and I just wanted to say a massive thank you for running such a fabulous antenatal course. I cant begin to tell you how useful the classes were and how they helped prepare us both for the arrival of baby Leo.

– Kate, mother to Leo, born October 2018

The classes have been super informative. Furiously reading them now to remind myself of all the tips. Aside from the “tuition” it has been lovely to meet girls going on the same journey, and the WhatsApp group has been thriving with four babes born already. I am looking forward to the post birth stage where we can all meet up again! 

Annabel, baby due September 2018