Dear Marina and Chiara,

Just a note to say thank you so much for preparing us so well for the arrival of our little bundle. I was so comfortable with everything it seemed as though James had always been here with us. Your classes were fantastic. I’m so glad I joined and met such a great bunch. Also – I’m not sure what you wrote in the fathers’ section of the Bump book but Pete empties the dishwasher and does grocery shopping!

The whole experience has been amazing. Thank you for all your wisdom.

– Rosie Hirst

Alexandra is absolutely brilliant. You’re right – I have no idea how she managed to inject humour into the subject matter but she did. I half wept as I said goodbye to her. And to think, they’re handing out the OBE’s to Soap Stars!!

– Ben, father of 3, First Aid Class 2016

I felt super prepared for the journey and arrival of our little sunshine Annabel. I truly enjoyed the class and met great other mummies, we all still meet for playdates.

– Stephanie, mother to Sophia, born March 2017

Thank you again for everything you taught us at Bump Class – it has been absolutely invaluable and I truly feel that I have enjoyed every minute of my daughter’s first day and have felt confident enough to ask lots of questions and really understand what the doctors and midwives have been telling me.  We couldn’t have done this without you!  You guys are the best!

– Claire, mother to Slater, born June 2017

My birth was a beautiful experience, however not at all according to plan . Lucky I was as prepared as can be, thanks to the Bump classes! (I’ve loved the classes, thank you again)

– Sara, July 2017

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What an incredible experience when your new baby is placed straight onto your chest. Wow!! The knowledge that you guys gave us during The Bump Class helped so much as i stayed calm and understood all they were saying and although I went quickly through the stages I knew what was happening and kept thinking about the end goal – our beautiful baby.

We are now home and totally in love with the little chap! Being a Mama is definitely daunting but having had the support of the bump class, the specialists and the other girls I am really looking forward to the coming months.

Thank you so so so much for the advise the support and preparation for the next stage of our lives! Your  encouragement and real life experience has been invaluable, my notes are already well thumbed and my only request now is pretty please can you guys think about doing ‘The next phase’ – baby to toddler.

Thank you all again!!!

– Charlie, mother to Freddie, born July 2017

Firstly I would like to say how marvellous I thought Lucy Lewis was, she always injected energy and clear explanations into all our classes. I also thought Geraldine was very good, I feel that the breast feeding class was very informative and I have a clear understanding of the best way to approach it.

I also thought the midwife Jo was fantastic, I thoroughly enjoyed all the classes she took and really felt like I learnt a lot from her.

– Isabella, July 2017

I was soooooo prepared from my bump classes I cannot thank you enough as I knew exactly what to expect at all times which kept me soooooooo calm which helped me during my labour.

Thank you for everything.

– Dana, mother to Layan, July 2017

I cant believe one year has passed since the class and now our babies are turning 1! The class was a great experience, and I got to make some amazing mum friends with whom went on holiday recently with the kids.

– Shristi, August 2017

Thank you so very much for the very informative and amusing class with Alexandra on Wednesday evening.! It was brilliant, better than any class I have attended before on the same subject.

– Noelle, First Aid class September 2017


Nick and I found the First Aid course this afternoon to be so helpful and reassuring. We both left feeling so much more confident and raving about what a well spent afternoon it was. She was hilarious as well as wonderfully informative.

– Amelia, First Aid Class August 2017

The Bump Class has been such a fantastic experience and has given me an incredible insight for preparation! I’ve loved every minute.

– Lydia, due September 2017

I have honestly loved every minute of the bump classes. Thank you sincerely for all the education, advice, support and most of all the confidence installed to make this incredible journey so seamless and far less stressful! After a long and difficult pregnancy I became more and more excited with every weeks class learning new skills and taking on board your fantastic counsel and getting to know the other girls going through the same thing. I am so grateful to you both and to all the other Bump specialists too.

– Jemma, mother to Isla

I wanted to say how much I have appreciated having the full story given to us at the class, and the whole process demystified and de-stigmatised somewhat. Being prepared and understanding what was going on helped hugely, particularly for the “interventions” during labour and when faced with some of the less savoury changes that your body goes through afterwards. My doctor said that the combination of the epi-no plus the fact I could remain calm made a big difference to the outcome, and a lot of that was down to you guys.

– Laura, mother to Billy

The Bump Class is the most informative and nurturing birthing class out there! I learnt so much and was given the best support which has guided me through every stage of the journey. As a first time Mummy and with no siblings to turn to, this class provided positive personal advice and amazing tips. I look forward to reading the book!

– Andrea, mother to Iona

Dr Jess White, GP
Geraldine Miskin

I can’t imagine going through all of this without The Bump behind us!

– Christina, mother to Carolina

All your success is thoroughly deserved…. I am preparing for Bump to take over the world….

– Vanessa, mother to Wentworth

My husband and I are on such a high! I am so happy to have spent many pregnant evenings and mornings together and am finding great snippets of information coming to mind just as I need them thanks to our class.

– Samar, mother to Aidan

I’m very sad that my last bump class is tomorrow, time seems to have flown by. I have absolutely loved every session and certainly feel more confident about becoming a mother and enduring labour! It’s been refreshing to know that our options are open and certainly feel that I’m not alone with various concerns. I’ll have the bump class notes attached to me at the hospital to refresh myself of what I need to do! Thank you for all your help and advice, it’s been invaluable.

– Clemmie

Thank you so much for you invaluable advice and patience over the last 8 weeks (and beyond no doubt). I came to the class, totally clueless, but thanks to you I feel like I can actually handle anything that may come my way. A true lifesaver!! Thank you so much.

– Nessie, mother of Clémence

I have so much to be thankful to you all for. What you have set up is something much more special than perhaps you even realise. You prepared us all beautifully for the births of our babies. Your tips are continuously mentioned in our whatsapp group – clearly we all paid close attention! The classes were so much fun and I feel a little sad that next time round I won’t need The Bump Class (maybe I can conveniently forget everything I learned). Thank you for your wisdom.

– Celina, mother to Assisi