Bump classes are informative, impartial and above all great fun.

Antenatal Course

Eight Week Antenatal Course

Our Eight Week Antenatal Course is tailored to meet the needs of mothers to be who want to learn about the practical elements of pregnancy, child birth, breastfeeding, parenting from a supportive, pragmatic and unbiased point of view.


The Next Bump Class – For second time mothers

Women who did The Bump Class first time round, constantly ask us if they can do it again for their second or subsequent children.  The thing is, you know what you’re doing and what you need to know second time round, differs from first time.  First time, it’s all about survival, knowing what to expect and keeping your baby alive once they’re there.  Second time round it’s all about adjustment, going from one to two children, the introduction of your eldest to their younger sibling and how best to foster a relationship that will be enduring and rewarding for you all.

And so we’ve created The NEXT Bump class, a morning during which you’ll learn all you need to know to make sure that transition is as smooth as possible.


Partners Evening

For some partners, the impending birth of their child can be a daunting and scary prospect, largely because they might not know what to expect and may have heard all sorts of horror stories.  Other partners are excited and cannot wait to meet their child.


The First Aid Classes

These classes  give all care-givers the skills and confidence to cope in an emergency.  Specifically designed for those looking after babies and young children, our classes are an invaluable addition to the antenatal package.


Private Classes

We see on a daily basis how well both our Eight Week Antenatal Classes and Partners Evenings work in the context of a group.  Discussion is encouraged and the different questions asked mean.


First Aid Classes

Our classes are not just an opportunity to learn but also to get excited about the arrival of your baby.  We believe the lead up to childbirth should be exciting, an opportunity to meet other pregnant couples and share new experiences.  Our professional team consists of experienced healthcare professionals and experts in their fields, including midwives, doctors, physiotherapists and breastfeeding consultants.