The Next Bump Class

Women who did The Bump Class first time round, constantly ask us if they can do it again for their second or subsequent children.  The thing is, you know what you’re doing and what you need to know second time round, differs from first time.  First time, it’s all about survival, knowing what to expect and keeping your baby alive once they’re there.  Second time round it’s all about adjustment, going from one to two children, the introduction of your eldest to their younger sibling and how best to foster a relationship that will be enduring and rewarding for you all.

And so we’ve created The NEXT Bump class, a morning during which you’ll learn all you need to know to make sure that transition is as smooth as possible.

Cost: The Next Bump Class: £175 per person.

           First Aid Class: £85 per person

Your teachers: Jo Hooper: Midwife and mother of three, Jo is no stranger to the chaos of having a big family.  Having worked at Kingston as a midwife both on labour ward and within the community, Jo has huge experience in supporting women in labour, however it goes.

Dr Fran Smith: Fran is a Counselling Psychologist and has over 10 years of experience in the field. She is a therapist, trainer, researcher, lecturer, supervisor and author. She has trained and worked therapeutically using a variety of therapeutic models however she tends to draw most from Cognitive Behavioural, Compassion Focussed and Acceptance and Commitment therapy models. She is passionate about supporting parents in the adjustment to life with children and has two young children herself.

Location: The Bump Class, 29 South Terrace, London SW7 2TB

Timings: This is a three hour class with two breaks, starting at 10am and finishing at 1pm.  We’ll send you an email the week before the class, putting you all in touch and so that you if you like you can arrange to have lunch together afterwards.

What we’ll cover:

–          Pregnancy – what you can do to help yourself, any aches and pains but also those red flags which women are acutely aware of first time round, but tend to brush under the table when they’re caring for another child.

–          Preparing your child for the arrival of their sibling, how to talk to them about the fact you’re pregnant and what to do if they react negatively.

–          Birth – how it might differ from the first time and making sure you’re prepared for that.

–          The first meeting – that moment we all dream of, introducing the two people we love most in the world which doesn’t often go to plan.  How to make it as easy, relaxed and positive as possible.

–          Managing the first weeks at home – what the mother needs, how to manage feeding times, what your baby, toddler / older child needs.  Coping with a jealous sibling.

–          Going forward, coping with two children who have very different needs.  What you can do to be organised, managing tiredness and making time for self-care.

–          Managing your relationship with your partner – getting them involved from before your baby is born, how to support each other during what can be a chaotic, stressful time.

–          Managing family dynamics so that everyone is happy.

–          Kit you’ll need to make coping with two easier.

What you’ll get:

–          Invaluable information: The class itself is packed full of useful material, tips and ideas that will genuinely help you prepare for the arrival of your next child, but also a good idea of what to expect.

–          Friends: You’ll meet a group of women whose next babies are all due around the same time as yours.  We’ll give you a contact list so that you can keep in touch.

–          Notes: Each participant receives a folder packed full of notes and resources to share or go over with your partner but also things that you can reference after your baby is born.  You’ll also have an extensive list of resources, so that if you do need extra help, you know where to go.

–          Further help: If you want a one on one debrief about your first birth, or an in depth chat about that adjustment process, we can arrange consolations with Jo or Fran.  Please note that there is an extra cost to this.

–          First Aid: If you feel that your first aid could do with brushing up, please do speak to us about doing a First Aid course which we run regularly both in South Kensington and Parson’s Green.