I have honestly loved every minute of the bump classes. Thank you sincerely for all the education, advice, support and most of all the confidence installed to make this incredible journey so seamless and far less stressful! After a long and difficult pregnancy I became more and more excited with every weeks class learning new skills and taking on board your fantastic counsel and getting to know the other girls going through the same thing. I am so grateful to you both and to all the other Bump specialists too.

Jemma, mother to Isla


The course really stood me in good stead - we had such a straightforward labour and delivery - 5 hours, gas and air, no tearing or episiotomy - and I really think a lot of that was down to the prep you encouraged us to do and the confidence I felt going in. So THANK YOU.

Victoria, mother to Frederick


What a godsend your classes are proving. 8 weeks to go until our little girl arrives and thanks to you we are feeling informed, relaxed and excited. Last night's Fathers' Evening was a particular highlight which my husband really appreciated. Thank you Team Bump!

Charlotte-Anne, mother to Cosima



I wanted to say how much I have appreciated having the full story given to us at the class, and the whole process demystified and de-stigmatised somewhat. Being prepared and understanding what was going on helped hugely, particularly for the “interventions” during labour and when faced with some of the less savoury changes that your body goes through afterwards. My doctor said that the combination of the

epi-no plus the fact I could remain calm made a big difference to the outcome, and a lot of that was down to you guys.

Laura, mother to Billy


The Bump Class is the most informative and nurturing birthing class out there! I learnt so much and was given the best support which has guided me through every stage of the journey. As a first time Mummy and with no siblings to turn to, this class provided positive personal advice and amazing tips. I look forward to reading the book!

Andrea, mother to Iona


I wanted to thank you very much and say how helpful I thought the classes were. From being utterly green in my understanding of anything to do with being a mother, I now feel confident for the road ahead. Also it is lovely to feel that I have met a group of girls that will be going through the same things at the same time. It is very special.

Jo, baby due any day



I can't imagine going through all of this without The Bump behind us!

Christina, mother to Carolina



All your success is thoroughly deserved.... I am preparing for Bump to take over the world....

Vanessa, mother to Wentworth



My husband and I are on such a high! I am so happy to have spent many pregnant evenings and mornings together and am finding great snippets of information coming to mind just as I need them thanks to our class.

Samar, mother to Aidan



I’m very sad that my last bump class is tomorrow, time seems to have flown by. I have absolutely loved every session and certainly feel more confident about becoming a mother and enduring labour! It’s been refreshing to know that our options are open and certainly feel that I’m not alone with various concerns. I’ll have the bump class notes attached to me at the hospital to refresh myself of what I need to do! Thank you for all your help and advice, it’s been invaluable.

Clemmie, due any day now



Thank you so much for you invaluable advice and patience over the last 8 weeks (and beyond no doubt). I came to the class, totally clueless, but thanks to you I feel like I can actually handle anything that may come my way. A true lifesaver!! Thank you so much.

Nessie, mother of Clémence



I have loved the course so far and I'm sad it is almost over. I signed up to do NCT as I don't know a soul and thought even if I only met one person locally then it would be worth doing. I've only had one session so far and I can't believe the difference already. The Bump Class is just so much more useful and practical and designed to actually help us mums to be prepare for the reality of things. I feel so relaxed and like I'm armed with all the amazingly helpful hints and tips that will make a difference and that I wouldn't have had a clue about otherwise had it not been for you guys. What you and Chiara have done is amazing. We also seem to have such a lovely group so I hope we all become great friends and hopefully the lunch should get the ball rolling.

Jenny, baby due any day now



I have so much to be thankful to you all for. What you have set up is something much more special than perhaps you even realise. You prepared us all beautifully for the births of our babies. Your tips are continuously mentioned in our whatsapp group – clearly we all paid close attention! The classes were so much fun and I feel a little sad that next time round I won’t need The Bump Class (maybe I can conveniently forget everything I learned). Thank you for your wisdom.

Celina, mother to Assisi



Just wanted to let you know that my baby was born by

c-section yesterday late afternoon after a gruelling 2.5 days of labour! I was devastated to find out I'd need a Csection after so many hours of labour, but you were absolutely correct: it is no less magical. In fact I wish I'd done it sooner once I found out that my baby's head was getting bruised from contractions whilst my cervix wouldn't dilate properly. I mainly wanted to let you know that had I not attended The Bump Class I would have felt lost demoralised and very under informed. Of course an emergency c-section was the last thing on my mind seeing as I was booked into the birth centre (!) so I am truly grateful that you gave it the time of day during our classes as it made the experience far less harrowing.

Selma, mother to Kearny



The Bump Class has been a dream right from the beginning; thank you both so much for your incredible wisdom, thoughtful insight and extraordinary experience, without which I wouldn't be able to function. Herewith a small token to show my immense gratitude to you and all the girls for your friendship and support over the past few weeks - it really has made everything so much more fun and I simply cannot wait to meet up with everyone in January.

Rasha, mother to Faris



Thank you again for the remarkable Bump Class. I enjoyed it immensely – meeting the other girls, learning from the various experts. Your combined leadership is really winning and I think every one of us would agree we felt instantly comfortable at no 29.

Matilda, mother to Elsa


Thank you so much for the Bump Class. It was not only very informative and interesting, but really fun too. All the girls are great, and I'm sure will be a real support in the coming months, if not years. And it's very reassuring to know that both of you are on hand too!

Rebecca, mother to Mamie



I just wanted to say what an absolute pleasure the Bump Class has been; I can't believe it is all over already! It has certainly been the most helpful thing I have done during my pregnancy and I have really enjoyed your friendly, easy approach and sensible advice, a relief in contrast to the strident views of some (well-meaning) relatives! It is daunting being thrown out into this alone now and nice to think of a bump support network.

Eleanor, mother to Otto



I have nothing but praise for The Bump Class and have been recommending it to lots of friends.  It’s been so useful speaking to people who have been through it all themselves, remember what it all feels like and are there to provide objective advice and support with no agenda other than to ensure that we are fully informed and prepared for the whole experience. Even after just a few weeks, I feel much better informed than I was and actually a lot more relaxed as a result and it’s been great to meet such a lovely group too.

Charlotte Fraser



Marina and Chiara have both put so much thought and research into the classes and it really shows. They are practical and focused on key things we need to know. Having external speakers is a great idea and they have all been excellent. I come away from every class feeling much more positive about it all and like I have learnt a huge amount.

I will DEFINITELY be recommending the Bump Class to my friends!

Jo Turner



I have loved The Bump Class, it has been clever at catering for everyone’s needs. Of course having a baby is hugely exciting but can also be over whelming and a little scary. However these classes have addressed all concerns and been supportive, informative and highly professional. All classes have been conducted in a very relaxed comfortable environment where being interactive is encouraged. I never felt my questions were too silly to ask, so loved the openness of us all being able to discuss together. It’s given me a lot more confidence, a good sense of calmness, put worries aside and left me feeling very excited about having our baby.

Alice Wynn-Williams



I have come away from The Bump Class knowing that I am equipped with all the information I need to make decisions about the birth of my baby, and feeling confident that I will survive what lies ahead! I have also enjoyed meeting some lovely mothers-to-be, who no doubt will be friends for many years to come. I am hugely grateful to Marina and Chiara - they couldn’t have provided a more supportive start to motherhood. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the class to others!

Clemmie Spalton



I am thoroughly enjoying the Bump Class - every session is carefully thought out, taking us through all the key aspects of pregnancy, labour and the arrival of our babes.  The handouts are thorough, clear and useful.  I feel confident that I will feel totally prepared and as relaxed as is humanly possible come the end of the classes!

Lara Smith-Bosanquet



Thank you so much for last week. I thought Liz, the midwife, was really excellent and I actually came away feeling very positive about labour – something I never thought possible!

Charlotte Fraser



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